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Het Florijnhuys is happy to help!

Looking for a mortgage advisor for your own home or investment property?

Please call +31 (0)50 – 211 08 52 for more information or fill out our contact form using the button below.

Mortgage advisor

Specialist in financial advice for your own home or investment property.

Het Florijnhuys has a lot of in-house expertise for providing mortgage advice for your own home or investment property.

With almost 20 years of banking experience, you have come to the right place for tailored mortgage advice for your own home. We also have a great deal of affinity for entrepreneurs and specialize in providing advice on a buy-to-let mortgage for your investment property. The rest of our webpages are in Dutch, do you heave any questions? Please call +31 (0)50 – 211 08 52.

Het Florijnhuys is happy to help!

Looking for a mortgage advisor for your own home or investment property? Please call 050 – 211 08 52 for more information or fill out our contact form using the button below.

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Truly independent mortgage advice

Are you an expat looking for a mortgage with the lowest monthly fees for the purchase of your own home? Or are you looking for a buy-to-let mortgage to purchase an investment property? There are often many more possibilities than just the standard rules of the game. We can arrange a tailor-made mortgage for you and will gladly brainstorm with you about your options.

Het Florijnhuys is affiliated with virtually all mortgage providers. As a result, you get truly independent advice and a good comparison of all lenders.

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Want to get to know us?

You can always meet with us in an informal and non-committal way. You can meet us at our office, at your home or at your business. A consultation by phone or online video call is also possible. During a free orientation meeting we can discuss the viability of your wishes. And we can provide an initial estimate of the maximum mortgage for expats with corresponding monthly payments.


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Calculation tool

Instantly calculate the possibilities in a mortgage? Use the calculation tool below.

Why choose Het Florijnhuys?

  • Independent mortgage advice, explained clearly
  • 1 point of contact and total care from start to finish.
  • Extensive network of specialists in brokerage, property management and project development, among others.
  • Nearly 20 years of banking experience.
  • We provide tailor-made services and go beyond standard advice.
  • Also specialized in entrepreneurs, leased real estate and investment properties.

What will a mortgage advisor do for you?

Choosing an independent mortgage advisor is something you do for your own convenience and for the lowest monthly costs. You want the best mortgage and everything needs to be arranged properly from A to Z. In an initial no-obligation mortgage consultation, we will go through your wishes and needs with you. Of course we will take into account the maximum amount you can lend and the monthly payments you can expect after taking out the mortgage.

Once the most ideal mortgage has been found, we make sure that the mortgage is finalized and all the documents are submitted to the notary on time. We have been doing this for 20 years, so we know exactly what needs to be done. We will still need information and documents from you, but we will keep you well informed.

Truly independent mortgage advice makes all the difference

There is no single lender (bank) that offers the best possible mortgage at the lowest interest rate for every individual case. Choosing and taking out a mortgage is always tailored to your needs. The advantage of an independent mortgage advisor is that your options are not limited. You could also apply for a mortgage at the bank where you have your checking account, but you will probably get a proposal focused on their own mortgage products. We are the independent mortgage advisor of Groningen with access to dozens of lenders.

Een eerste huis kopen met Het Florijnhuys in Groningen

What is our approach?

You choose a mortgage advisor so we can discuss the options for a mortgage with you personally. We would like to invite you to our office in Groningen for an orientation meeting.

During our first meeting, we are mainly concerned with your wishes. We also look at your current financial situation. A new mortgage is not only based on the house, but also on your wishes and future expectations. Getting your mortgage done is not our only job as mortgage advisors. In case of unforeseen setbacks for example, your mortgage payments should still be affordable. In addition, your mortgage should also match your future plans.

You’ll know everything after a free consultation

Arranging a mortgage involves a lot of work. That’s why you hire an expert to arrange the financing. One of Het Florijnhuys’s mortgage advisors will make sure that after the first meeting you know exactly which steps to take. More importantly, you know how much you can lend and what your mortgage payments will be after the purchase or after the mortgage has been refinanced.

Buying your first home

When buying your first home, you probably have many questions and possibly some concerns. Both will be addressed by our mortgage advisor. After all, taking out mortgages is something we have been doing on a daily basis for decades. Everything you need to know about taking out a mortgage, our mortgage advisor will explain to you.

What is your maximum lending capacity?

The maximum mortgage on income is an important starting point when buying a home. Especially in a market with high property prices. You can calculate a rough estimate yourself using our website. Together with your mortgage advisor you can get an even more accurate estimate. The maximum mortgage amount also depends on, for example, student debts and other debts.

Also, pay attention to the amount of monthly expenses

Don’t just look at the maximum you can lend based on your income. The monthly payment you’ll have to make after signing the deal should also fit well within your budget. In other words, pay attention to what you can pay each month. So also talk to your mortgage advisor about the financial consequences of taking out a mortgage.

How much in savings do you need?

The purchase price of a house can be fully financed with a mortgage. However, you do need to have savings on hand to cover the additional costs. These additional costs include, for example: advice and brokerage fees, appraisal costs and notary fees. Under certain conditions you are exempt from transfer tax. Your mortgage advisor will tell you more about this during the orientation meeting. How much savings you need when buying a house depends on several factors.

When buying a house for €300,000 you can expect to pay around €7,000 to €9,000 in costs. If you also have to pay transfer tax, you can expect an additional €6,000 in costs.

When buying your first home, you will go through the following steps:

• Non-committal orientation meeting
• Finding and bidding on a house
• Bid has been accepted
• Signing the mortgage offer
• Going to the notary for signing and key transfer

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First-time buyers have a tough time in the housing market

Unlike move-up buyers (home buyers who can also sell their home), first-time buyers do not have any surplus value from a previous home. In recent years, property prices have risen by more than 10% per year. It’s impossible to save up for this, so starters are finding it increasingly difficult to buy. This is partly because other buyers are able to outbid their competitors with an already accumulated value of their old home. With sound advice from an independent mortgage broker, you know what your options are as a starter. This allows you to strike faster and you know what you can bid on a house.

With the right insurance policies, you can deal with financial setbacks

  • Throughout a mortgage term of several decades, you may have to deal with (major) setbacks. Even then, the mortgage costs should still be affordable. Your mortgage consultant will also advise you on the necessary insurance policies you can take out alongside your mortgage. After all, some risks are too big to bear. These include the following insurances:
  • Death Risk Insurance – In the event of the death of one of the homeowners, those left behind have to continue to pay the monthly bills. The loss of an income can mean that this can be difficult. Houses are often bought on two incomes. By taking out death risk insurance, this risk can be easily insured.
  • Housing Costs Insurance – A drop in income due to unemployment or disability is insurable with a housing costs insurance policy. If it happens to you, this insurance can allow (part of) the living expenses to be paid by the insurance company
  • Home insurance – Burglary, storms or fire, for example, can damage your house and the items in it. With insurances like home insurance and contents insurance you pass the risk to an insurance company. Home insurance is also required by the lender. A fire can destroy your house and you still have to pay off the mortgage.

Mortgage refinancing

Because of the low mortgage rates, mortgage refinancing can be financially beneficial. Even if you still have a current fixed-interest period. In that case, you can terminate the current fixed-interest period against payment of penalty interest. Our mortgage advisors can calculate for you whether terminating the current fixed-interest period is possible. Another advantage is that you can secure the current low mortgage interest rate for a long-term period. In case of a sharp increase in mortgage rates, for example, you keep a low mortgage rate for a period of 20 years.

Refinancing your mortgage without penalty interest

As soon as your fixed-interest period expires, you can switch your mortgage to another lender without paying any penalty interest. Your mortgage broker can make a comparison between your current bank’s proposal and what other banks (lenders) can offer. There are dozens of lenders, so it’s likely that refinancing your mortgage could result in lower monthly payments and better terms as well.

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